Georgetown Cypher: A Novel

The Author

Kit McKittrick is the author of The Georgetown Cypher. His career has specialized in blue ocean business strategies with over twenty entrepreneurial start-ups to his credit. Kit has consulted and worked for some of the most well known companies in the world and currently is the Chairman and CEO of Kingston Systems, a micro cap Green publicly traded company. He is a graduate of Georgetown University.

Kit’s interest in religious exploration started as a result of being a confirmed Episcopalian attending a Catholic University. 40 years ago non-Catholics had to take courses in comparative cultures replacing the non elective courses taught in Theology.  Georgetown University provides a fabulous backdrop for historical and geographical 
message by Jesus and his followers. Kit has begun work on a series of Thrillers featuring Ian MacAlester and Father Xavier Cortez that explore the many aspects of guided meditation and the tremendous benefits that can be achieved by its practice.